Dear Friends:

We write today with news of change that has been in formation for a long time. With great deliberation, the board of the Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy announces its closure. The Center is grateful to you, wonderful participants and supporters, for the good years of exploring ideas together. A team of its splendid volunteers, board members and advisers have selected Injustice Watch as the organization to carry forward the Center’s legacy of thoughtful discussions and commitment to progressive democracy. 

Founded in 2015, Injustice Watch is an award-winning, nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism organization that conducts in-depth research exposing institutional failures that obstruct justice and equality. Now 6 years old, Injustice Watch considers audience engagement and programming to be an essential complement to its public service journalism and a critical part of its commitment to civic engagement. Like the Stevenson Center, Injustice Watch has established a reputation as a convener of nuanced discussions that go to the heart of democracy. 

In 2008, speaking at the founding of the Stevenson Center, Adlai Stevenson III was asked by a public radio reporter about the decline and plight of newspapers and local challenges to democratic systems and governance. His reply was unequivocal: Discussion and the role of media is critical. 

“How are people empowered with the truth?... For my father, the purpose of democracy was not winning power but informing the people, so they could make sound judgments on issues and on candidates.” 

But to make this happen, we seek your support. Injustice Watch aims to hire a dedicated audience director to help assume the mantle of the Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy. Our goal is to raise $150,000 to support the position, as well as expanded programming. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support Injustice Watch and its commitment to carry forward the Stevenson Center’s legacy. You can donate using the enclosed form and envelope, or online at 

Journalism’s role in informing and empowering communities is more important than ever; join us and make an investment in the future of democracy. 

With gratitude and best wishes,